Company Profile

April 1980 Founded in Musashi-machi, Kanazawa City, Ishikawa, and started the sales of textile machineries and operation of dispatching technical instructors overseas as main business
Capital: 10 million yen
November 1982 Capital increased to 24 million yen
April 1987 Concluded exlusive agency contract with Steel Heddle Mfg. Co., (U.S.A.)
March 1988 Concluded exclusive agency contract with Sam Kang Co., Ltd. (Korea)
August 1989 Concluded exclusive agency contract with P.T. Setia (Indonesia) for aluminum cylinders
January 1992 Capital increased to 48 million yen
Tetsuo Ban appointed as president
Concluded exclusive agency contract with Hualon Corporation (Taiwan), whereby started the sales of polyester yarn and fabrics in Japanese market
February 1992 Concluded sales contract with Namhueng Corporation (Korea)
February 1993 Established J Textile Co., Ltd. Began operation as a fabric trading company
January 1998 Started yarn sales business of San-etsu Co., Ltd. (Kahoku City, Ishikawa)
March 1998 Invested capital in Mandarin Foundry Co., Ltd. (Vietnam)
September 1999 J Textile Co., Ltd. acquired a weaving factory in Nakanoto-machi, Kashima-gun, Ishikawa
Started polyester filament fabric production and sales business
March 2000 Started yarn sales business of Lealea Enterprise Co., Ltd. (Taiwan)
June 2002 Started yarn sales business of Hualon Corporation Vietnam (Vietnam)
July 2003 Constructed a new company office in Shinbohon, Kanazawa City, Ishikawa, and relocated the head office
April 2007 Set up R&D center in JATEC Co., Ltd.
April 2008 Acquired warp preparation factory in Takahama, Shika-machi, Hakui-gun, Ishikawa
Simultaneously, integrated the existing preparation factory equipment (Tokuzen, Nakanoto-machi, Kashima-gun, Ishikawa) to the Takahama factory
Subsequently, it operated as warp preparation factory for JATEC group (sizing factory)
September 2008 Began reuse of the old preparation factory site (Tokuzen, Nakanoto-machi, Kashima-gun, Ishikawa) as JATEC logistics center.
October 2008 Set up R&D center in Noto Textile Labo in Ishikawa
July 2009 Started fabric weaving business in partnership with PT. SIPATEX PUTRI LESTARI (Indonesia)
March 2011 Acquired air jet loom factory in Ozuki, Nakanoto-machi, Kashima-gun, Ishikawa
Started fabric weaving as Jatec Textile Factory Co., Ltd.
January 2014 J Textile Co., Ltd. acquired this Jatec Textile Factory Co, Ltd., relocated to Ozuki, Nakanoto-machi ,as new company “J Textile Co., Ltd” and started fabric weaving operation
Became a weaving plant with both water jet and air jet looms running on the same floor
April 2017 Acquired 100% ownership of JC Lace Co., Ltd. in Sakai City, Fukui
Started production of knitting, dyeing processing, and sewing
January 2019 Acquired 100% ownership of KNT Co., Ltd. in Nakanoto-machi, Kashima-gun, Ishikawa
Started production of air texturizing yarn
October 2020 Started warping operations for warp knitting at KNT Co., Ltd.
May 2024 Keisuke Ban was appointed President, and Tetsuo Ban was appointed Chairman.