Yarn supply system always aiming to get top class
share in domestic market.

We supply yarn suitable to each production sites to meet the needs of customers.

Main Products

Polyester Filament Yarn (For weaving and knitting)

POY (Partial Oriented Yarn)

DTY (Draw Textured Yarn)

FDY/SDY (Full Draw Yarn/Spin Draw Yarn)

Polyester Staple Yarn(For weaving and knitting)

100% Polyester Staple yarn

Beam Supply

Beam supply

Beam supply for weaving

About beam supply

Beam supply for laces (warp knitting)

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Main Suppliers

Company Name Website URL
San-Etsu Co., Ltd. (Japan) http://www.san-etsu.jp/
Teijin Frontier Co., Ltd. (Japan) https://www2.teijin-frontier.com/
Lealea Enterprise Co., Ltd. (Taiwan) https://www.lealeagroup.com.tw/en/libolon-detail/LEALEAENTERPRISECOLTD/
Hualon Corporation (Vietnam) https://www.fibre2fashion.com/hualoncorporation/
Hyosung (Korea) https://www.hyosung.co.jp/production/textilefield/nylon-polyester-fiber/
VN Poly (Vietnam) http://www.vnpoly.vn/
Zig Sheng Industrial Co., Ltd. (Taiwan) http://www.zigsheng.com/en_page/INDEX.ASP
Other domestic and overseas manufacturers also available