We can help with preparing warp yarn for a wide variety of applications

Supplying warp beam, mainly in the Hokuriku production area
Making the best use of beam supply system, we offer trials and also small lot production

Business Operations

Warp preparations and beam supply business for weaving factories


About Sizing Factory

As a factory preparing warp yarn which is the pre-process of fabric weaving, we supply warp beam to weaving factories mainly in the Hokuriku production area.
One of the main features is beam supply using yarn in our possession, and are able to offer a variety of yarn from fine count to low count yarn, as well as small lot volumes.
We also have experiences in Nylon covered yarn, hollow yarn, Taslan yarn, and more.
From fine yarn to thicker yarn, we can help with preparing warp yarn for a wide variety of applications including sports wear, clothing, and interior items.

Types of yarn for beam supply

Yarn item .(For weaving)
SD75/36 DTY BR56T/36 SDY SD300/96  DTY
FD75/36 DTY BR84T/36 SDY SD150/48  DTY
CD75/36 DTY BR56T/36 SDY FD75/72/2 DTY

Welcome to Sizing Factory

Sizing in fabric weaving refers to the process in which sizing agent is applied to warp yarn. Depending on the type of fiber, warp yarn starts to fluff and cut due to friction caused by repeated up and down movements. To prevent such damage, this process applies sizing agent to warp yarn.

Main processes