A versatile textile company in Kanazawa, Japan. We trade synthetic yarns and design, manufacture and sell woven fabric.


Current work

I am responsible for accounts related to yarn sales. I regularly visit customers to check their production schedule so that we are ready to supply requested yarns in a timely manner. If we do not have enough inventories when our customers need, it would cause a big problem for them because their production may stop. When we import yarns from overseas, it takes about 1~1.5 months to get here so it is a challenging task to communicate with customers on regular basis to make accurate forecasts.
When a customer requests for particular yarn that we do not have, I work with other companies to make it happen, sometime leading to our original yarn. When we are asked to make fabrics for them, we utilize our own yarns to make fabrics. I consider these as our biggest strength.

When do you feel accomplished?

I feel accomplished when a product is launched, which is made with the yarns that I introduced.

When do you feel challenged?

One of our strengths is that we are capable of manufacturing fabrics with variety of brands with small required quantity.
Sometimes the amount is too small for us to manufacture and on the other hand, when the project becomes too big, the manufacturer is switched to overseas country to seek lower cost. It is a challenging task to find the right balance.

Off Work

I love eating. Whenever I hear about delicious foods, I would go anywhere in Japan to try it out. I especially like sweets.


Eating, automobile and music

Future Goals

I wish to widen my knowledge rather than becoming a specialist in particular area.

Favorite Yarn

I like cationic mix.
Reason: I like the look of the fabric!

Textile habits

When I go for shopping at clothing stores or interior shops, I find myself checking for damages or bars (quality defects) on fabrics.
I just love touching textile products in general.