A versatile textile company in Kanazawa, Japan. We trade synthetic yarns and design, manufacture and sell woven fabric.




”It is here, the joy of challenging, with a creative manufacturing that weaves together the stories of the world.”
Under the motto of [Living together with mutual profits],
we aim to build relationships that are beneficial to each other regardless of culture or human race.
Would you come with us for an unprecedented journey of creative manufacturing in textiles?
We are thrilled to meet every single one of you.


RequirementsHigh school graduate or higher
PositionsSales, Administrative staffs, planning and development, production operator, weaving operator,
Solution-based sales related to yarns and fabrics.
[Administrative staffs]
Administrative work related to sales and import/export.
[Planning and Development]
Planning and development of fabrics.
[Production Operator]
Production tasks related to interior and fashion fabrics.
[Weaving Operator]
Preparation tasks related to weave fabrics for curtain and other usage.
Location[Sales, Administrative staffs, Planning/Developing]
JATEC CO.,LTD. aiconGoogle Map
[Weaving Operator]
J-TEXTILE CO.,LTD. aiconGoogle Map
[Production Operator]
JATEC Sizing Factory aiconGoogle Map
How to ApplyPlease send your resume to below e-mail address.

Employee Introduction

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