A versatile textile company in Kanazawa, Japan. We trade synthetic yarns and design, manufacture and sell woven fabric.


Development and Manufacturing Department


Research & Development

We offer original fabrics with wide range of technologies.
Research and development of synthetic woven fabrics.
Having an R&D center and product development capabilities represent our distinctive strength to develop unique original design.
Also, we can analyze the yarn and fabric construction by decomposition at our laboratory.
Especially in the field of interior fabrics and curtains, we have obtained exceptional credibility and trust from each designer, and are constantly supplying new design fabric to the market.
【Main Developments】
・Interior Fabrics (Woven fabrics)
・Automotive Materials (Woven fabrics)
・Industrial Materials (Woven fabrics)
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Sizing Factory

Sizing Factory photo1 Sizing Factory photo2
Sizing Factory
Warping and sizing process for J-Textile and other weaving factories.
Creel Stand5 sets (Maximum 1,400 pieces)
Warping Machine5 sets
Sizing Machine3 sets
Beaming Machine (Beam to Beam)3 sets (Maximum 16 beam stands)
Auto Drawing Machine1 set
About 70-80 tons/month (75 denier basis, 24 hours running)

International Partners

Textile manufacturing operations photo1 Textile manufacturing operations photo2
Manufacuring of Interior Fabrics.
Air Jet LoomsMachine information closed.
Water Jet LoomsMachine information closed.
Rapier LoomsMachine information closed.
Needle LoomsMachine information closed.
Circular LoomsMachine information closed.
Shuttle Less LoomsMachine information closed.
Weaving; (Maximum) About 2.5 Million Meters/Month Dyeing; (Maximum) About 2.5 Million Meters/Month Printing; (Maximum) About 1 Million Meters/Month
Sewing business photo1 Sewing business photo2
Sewing product for bag, curtain and wear.
Sewing Machine123sets
Rivet Machine4sets
Hook Machine3sets
About 90,000 pcs/month
Trading business Manufacturing sector