A versatile textile company in Kanazawa, Japan. We trade synthetic yarns and design, manufacture and sell woven fabric.


Subsidiary Company


Company NameJC Lace CO.,LTD
Address〒919-0547 138-2 Oomi, Sakaimachi, Sakai-shi, Fukui prefecture
TEL.0776-72-7800 FAX.0776-72-7712
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Capital40 million yen
Date FoundedSeptember,2016
Main BusinessesPresident Tetsuo Ban
Director Kenji Imamura
Director Masao Horikawa
Number of Employees42
Main BankHokkoku Bank(HQ)
Main Businesses・Lace knitted fabric manufacturing
(Lace curtain, Interior fabrics, Industrial fabrics)
・Fabric dyeing
・Fabric sewing
History JC Lace CO.,LTD was established as a lace fabric manufacturer in September 2016 with the aim to assist JATEC CO.,LTD’s long-term growth plan.
In September 2017, machines were centralized to current headquarter factory and integrated production was established.
Warp Knitting machine20
Sets of dyeing machines
Fabric inspection machine6
Sets of sewing machines