A versatile textile company in Kanazawa, Japan. We trade synthetic yarns and design, manufacture and sell woven fabric.


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President Tetsuo Ban Tetsuo Ban

Tetsuo Ban

Welcome to the new home page of JATEC. On this website, we will introduce our unique business operations that all of our group companies do. We have been working for more than 30 years since the foundation of the company in 1980 to establish the consecutive business operation of yarn import – weaving – dyeing – sewing – shipment, which distinguishes JATEC from other textile manufacturers.
We are strengthening the constitution of JATEC group for the purpose of producing and selling high quality textile products at the best price and condition among the Asian countries like Taiwan, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand and Japan. We will appreciate your continuous support and encouragement from now on.

Living together with mutual profits
Corporate Philosophy
『Living together with mutual profits』 We strive to achieve symbiotic relationship with each other by getting mutual profits although we come from different countries and have different cultures. We will work hard toward making our dreams come true through textile industry.

1.We aim to be a total textile trading company based on manufacturing from Hokuriku area to the world.

2.We propose to our customers the new business based on world market trend.

3.We aim to establish the corporate group having specialties, functionality and dynamism.

Company Profile
Company Name JATEC CO., LTD.
President Tetsuo Ban
Address 【Head Office】
3-102 Shinbohon, Kanazawa, Ishikawa 921-8062,
Japan TEL : 076-249-3006 FAX : 076-249-4006 aiconGoogle Map 【Sizing Factory】
19-1 Ke-Takahama, Shika-machi, Hakui-gun, Ishikawa 925-0141, Japan TEL : 0767-32-1125 FAX : 0767-32-1728 aiconGoogle Map
Capital 48 million yen
Established April, 1980
Business * Textile Business: Sales of yarns, fabrics and accessories for peripheral devices for textile machineries.
* Factory Management of fabric preparation
* Factory Management of fabric weaving
Employees 34 (Head Office:14 ; Sizing Factory:20)
Banks The Hokkoku Bank (Head Office)
Kanazawa Shinkin Bank (Head Office)
Representative (President) Tetsuo Ban (Director) John Ta-Peng Chang (Director) Kay Huang (Director) Keisuke Ban
(Auditor) Jisaburo Kiji
Sales Amount 2012 (Period ending March, 2013) 5,996 million yen
2013 (Period ending March, 2014) 6,590 million yen
2014 (Period ending March, 2015) 6,134 million yen
2015 (Period ending March, 2016) 6,887.31 million yen
Affiliated Company aicon J-TEXTILE CO., LTD. aicon JC Lace CO.,LTD
Main Customer
(Random order)
APR.1980 Established company for the sales of textile machinery, as well as technical assistance to overseas weaving factories, with the capital of 10 million yen. Company location was Musashi-machi, Kanazawa, Japan.
NOV.1982 Increased capital to 24 million yen.
APR.1987 Began contract between Steel Heddle Mfg.Co., (USA) for sole agent in Japan.
MAR.1988 Began contract between Sam Kang Co., Ltd. (Korea) for sole agent in Japan.
AUG.1989 Began contract between P.T.Setia (Indonesia) for the sales of aluminium cylinder as sole agent Japan.
JAN.1992 Increased capital to 48 million yen. Mr. Tetsuo Ban assigned as president of JATEC Co., Ltd. Started contract between HUALON Corporation (Taiwan) for sole agent in Japan, and started yarn and fabric business for Japanese polyester market.
FEB.1992 Began sales contract with Namhueng Corporation (Korea).
FEB.1993 Established J-Textile Co., Ltd., started fabric sales.
JAN.1998 Started sales of yarn supplied from San-estu (Kahoku- city, Ishikawa, Japan).
MAR.1998 Made capital investment to Mandarin Foundry Co., Ltd. in Vietnam.
SEP.1999 J-Textile acquired a weaving factory in Nakanoto- machi, Kashima-gun, Ishikawa, Japan. Started manufacturing polyester woven fabrics.
MAR.2000 Started sales of yarn supplied from Lealea Enterprise Co., Ltd.
JUN.2002 Started sales of yarn supplied from Hualon Corporation Vietnam.
JUL.2003 Constructed a new head office building in Shinbohon, Kanazawa, Ishikawa, Japan, the head office moved to this address.
APR.2007 Established R&D (research & development) section at JATEC Co., Ltd.
APR.2008 Acquired a sizing factory in Shika, Ishikawa. It started operating after removing equipments from old sizing factory in Nakanoto to the new factory in Shika.
SEP.2008 Re-started old sizing factory (Tokuzen, Nakanoto- machi, Kashima-gun) as JATEC’s distribution center.
OCT.2008 R&D (research & development) section moved to the Noto Textile Laboratory.
JUL.2009 Started manufacturing and handling of fabrics supplied from PT. SIPATEX PUTRI LESTARI.
MAR.2011 JATEC acquired Air Jet Loom weaving factory in Ootsuki, Nakanoto-machi, Kashima-gun, Ishikawa, Japan. It started manufacturing polyester fabrics as JATEC Textile Factory.
JAN.2014 New chapter of J-Textile began in Ootsuki, Nakanoto after acquiring JATEC Textile factory. It became a unique weaving factory that possess both Air Jet Looms and Water Jet Looms on the same floor.